Hotel and Car Discounts

Car Rental Havana and Hotel

Hotel and Car Discounts – We offer two distinct alternatives for you to save money when booking both your car and hotel stay with us.

1. We offer our “Flexi” package which is an all-in-one deal, with which you have the choice of visiting ANY hotel included in the package at your own pace. Basically, you receive both a car voucher for the whole rental term along with 1 hotel voucher for each night of hotel stay. We will make the bookings first two nights stay for you at any of the hotels shown (half way down the page click – VIEW ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES). You then visit the hotel reception at any participating hotel to secure your ongoing next nights stay. For instance, you´d book your next nights stay when you arrive at the hotel today. The hotel will use a special system to make your onward bookings while you´re there. This is a truly flexible way of visiting Cuba, driving around the country at your own pace and simply sleeping at hotels you choose the day or a couple of days before. For more details either contact our chat team or see HERE

2. If you have already booked and paid a car with us, you can receive a refund of 5% of the Car Rental fee if you book 6 nights or more hotel stay by visiting our hotel page HERE.

In order to receive your refund, simply send to us the email confirmation for the hotel booked with us and we will process your refund and send you proof of the same.

Through a unique relationship with Cuban hotels, the bookings on our hotel page are not subject to prepayment! To our knowledge, no other Cuba Hotel Reservation system offers this. Instead, all others require 100% prepayment while we DO NOT.