Limited Availability

Cuba Tourist Seasons









Limited availability – Due to economic constraints, there are less rental cars in Cuba than those needed for Cuba´s high seasons, making thousands of visitors disappointed each year, having to resort to alternative or public transport and, as a result, severely affecting their vacation schedule.

Cuba’s extreme +100% occupancy high seasons are:

  • 1st December to 15th January
  • Easter Week (usually in March or April) = One week before to one week after Easter
  • 1st July to 10th September

Cuba’s Off season, in varying degrees, are all dates outside of these. Even still, the Cuban authorities tend to “rotate rental fleets” in off season, meaning spells in which there are very few cars anyway.

In short, whenever possible, book your car in advance as much as possible.

The general advice on both Lonely Planet & Tripadvisor is – “when you book your flight to Cuba, book your car rental in Cuba at the same time”.

Hotels are easier to secure due to the immense variety and sheer numbers in a given location but cars are not.

When you book with us your car is 100% confirmed so please book now or as soon as possible