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Walk Up Rates – What if I don’t book in advance?

From time to time we may have vehicles stationed at our collection offices that have not been collected by their clients due to “No Show”. These vehicles are usually repatriated back to our main depot in the evening but are sometimes exceptionally made available to “walk in” clients who do not have a pre-booking. The “walk up” rates for each vehicle are: Online rate + 20% + a onetime 62 CUC last-minute supplement fee.

Car Rental Havana Manual Stick Shift Stick Shift Manual Cars – These are denoted by the icon shown. Stick shift vehicles are predominant in Cuba and are cheaper than automatic cars. If you can drive a stick shift manual, then these cars are better value overall. Stick shift vehicles are provided through our brands of CubaCAR, Via Rent a Car & Rex only.

Car Rental Havana AutomaticAutomatic Cars – These are denoted by the icon shown. Automatic cars are available in Cuba but are more expensive than manual cars due to the complexity of their gearboxes, lower reliability and new cost premium when we purchase our fleet. Automatic vehicles are provided through our brands of Havanautos & Rex only.

Insurance – The insurance available in Cuba is 100% super CDW (collision damage waiver) Fully Comprehensive. The existence of franchise based insurance, in which the renter had to pay an amount in case of a claim was abolished in 2011. This means that all claims are covered by the insurance in all cases, with the exception of negligence, in which the driver was not on the rental contract, when the driver was over the legal alcohol limit or there is clear case of negligence, such as leaving the keys unattended. These terms relating to insurance are abbreviated here for ease of reading therefore, logically, only those which appear on the car rental contract are valid.

Pre-inspection before delivery – All vehicles are meticulously inspected before delivery. However, when collecting your car it is important to indicate on the area of the contract designed for this (car image) any superficial damage you encounter.

Quick Delivery® program – We operate solely under our Quick Delivery® policy to expedite the car collection process. This means that the majority of the car rental contract formalities are completed in advance. To qualify for our Quick Delivery® program, we will ask you to provide your driving license in advance, along with other information crucial to the pre-completion of the contract.

Pre-Paid Voucher – Upon completion of payment and Quick Delivery® formalities, as our terms stipulate, you will receive a pre-paid service voucher in the non modifiable PDF or (upon request) a JPG image version, to the email address provided at the booking stage. This voucher includes all the information required to collect the car, including but, not limited to:

• Unique Secure booking code

• Name of driver

• Vehicle booked

• Dates of rental

• Office collection address

• Car rental company name & logo

Extra insured drivers – It is mandatory that all drivers be insured and clearly shown on the rental contract. As many drivers you need can be added to the contract when you collect the car. Extra drivers cannot be added in advance of collection and, as such, cannot be charged in advance. They must be present when you collect the car and show their driving license at that time. There is a fee of 3 CUC per day, payable at collection time, for the insurance coverage of each extra driver. If during your rental term, you decide that you need to add another driver, this process takes just minutes and can be done at ANY of our offices anywhere in Cuba. Simply drop into the office with the new named driver and he/she will be added after payment of the said supplement.

Accidents, thefts or vehicle damage – In the unlikely but unfortunate event you are subject to an insurance claim, a police report is required when returning the car. This may seem daunting at first but, is a rather simple procedure. Since 2012, all Cuban police stations must have either an officer who speaks English or an interpreter. The police report is filed and a copy given to the driver of the vehicle. Make a copy of this report at your hotel for your own records (Cuban police stations seldom have copiers). The original report must be presented upon returning the vehicle and is all that is needed.

Vehicle security deposit – As with most major car rental companies worldwide, your rental car in Cuba will be subject to a security deposit. Our Quick Delivery® program eliminates the need to pay this amount in cash because the security deposit is included within the credit/debit card used at payment time. However, this card must be presented when you collect the car to validate the non payment in cash. If you do not take the credit card used at payment time, then a new card can be used but, this will slow down slightly our targeted 12 minute Quick Delivery® program time.

Unlimited Miles/Kilometers – All Cuba Car Rental periods over 3 days are automatically subject to Unlimited Miles/Kilometers. For rentals of 1 to 2 days, 100 Kilometers per day are permitted then each Kilometer charged at 0.30 CUC.

Vehicle substitution – In the unlikely event your rental car suffers mechanical or electrical problems or, you have been involved in an accident rendering the vehicle unserviceable, a substitution vehicle will be provided. Whenever possible, before visiting the rental office, we urge you to call our 24 hour number so that we may assist you with the smooth substitution of the affected vehicle. If you do not call us and decide to take a lower category car under your own free will, we will not, under any circumstances, entertain requests for partial refunds based upon purported category differences. These issues must be dealt with at the time and while you are still in Cuba, so it is imperative that you call our 24 hour hotline to obtain the necessary rental office and time from us, so that we can orchestrate the smooth transition of the replacement vehicle.

Your obligations during collection, during the rental term and, at the end of the rental – It is your obligation to transmit, in a timely manner, any problems you encounter with your: car collection, ongoing rental or vehicle return at the time it happens so that these can be attended to immediately. Unless you are calling our breakdown service whose number appears on the rental contract, for all other issues your first contact should be made to our 24 hour hotline provided with your rental voucher. Sadly, one or two clients per year fail to heed to this simple request and return from Cuba expecting a resolution to a problem which could have easily been dealt with at the moment it transpired. We will not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES respond to email claims where your have been clearly negligent in not calling our 24 hour hotline, thus giving us the opportunity to quickly resolve the incident “in-situ”.

24 hour breakdown & Vehicle recovery – You are guaranteed rapid assistance in cases of breakdown anywhere in Cuba. The number to obtain this assistance is clearly shown on your rental contract.

Traffic Violations & Fines – In the unlikely event you are fined while driving in Cuba, the Cuban authorities use a simple method to collect such fines. These are written onto your rental contract by the police officer at the time of the contravention and are payable upon return of the vehicle to the desk clerk at the rental booth. The rental booth acts as the treasury for the police in these cases, taking fine payments and making them available to the authorities.

Booking process – Once you have successfully completed the payment for your vehicle, the car is confirmed. You will receive a pdf copy of the invoice, along with the Quick Delivery® program requirements by email. If you have not received an email from us within 12 hours of your booking, please check your spam folder. If you find our email in Spam, please remember to denote our email address as “Not Spam” in your email account so that future emails are not trapped in a similar fashion. If after checking your spam folder you still do not have an email from us, it is highly likely you have erroneously provided an incorrect or invalid email due to a typing error. In these cases, contact our chat system shown on this website or the one on our main booking website and provide your email again to our agents who will check immediately and resend the information within minutes.